Columbia University's LeRoy Neiman Gallery
2960 Broadway (at 116th Street), New York

November 8 - 30, 2012
Opening: Thursday 8 November, 5 pm

Artists: A-153617 (Aníbal López), David Brooks, Martin John Callanan, Nemanja Cvijanovic, DETEXT, Caleb Larsen, Julien Previeux, Daniel Seiple & KUNST rePUBLIK, Katarina Sevic, Santiago Sierra, Nedko Solakov and Nikola Uzunovski.

At a time when traditional economics seem to be losing credibility, Transactions opportunely explores the lapse between economists’ representations of the world and our daily experience. Featuring works that deal with everyday transactions and systems of bureaucracy, the exhibition probes the wrong assumptions and flawed hypotheses of today’s neo-liberal model. But rather than simply challenge economic fallacies, Transactions reveals the political and poetic possibilities of such gaps, errors and miscalculations. [Link]


Richardstraße 43/44. 12055 Berlin-Neukölln

November 4-28, 2012
Opening: Saturday 3 November, 7pm

Artists:  Thomas Eller, DETEXT, Adib Fricke, Mike Kelley, Bruce Nauman, Walter Robinson, Felix Schneeweiss, Superman, Markus Voit, Clemens Wilhelm

Our topic of interest is the white heterosexual man. There is nothing he didn’t achieve, there is nothing that he didn’t perpetrate – what more can be said about him? Although he reigns, he is not a topic for and by himself, but rather only for all the others he, more or less, controls. In a sense, the dis-course of freedom that could only emerge from the emancipatory changes in the wake of European enlightenment has today developed into a problem for the White male… or so it seems. So who, or maybe also, what is the White Male? [Link]


Celebrate Spring

Fully Armed

SAY IT LOUD at District
Bessemerstr. 2-14, 12103 Berlin 

5 October–11 November 2012
Opening: Thursday 5 October, 7pm

Artists:  Ei Arakawa & Nikolas Gambaroff, Erik Bünger, Jeremiah Day, DETEXT, Discoteca Flaming Star, Ebon Heath, Gary Hill, Satch Hoyt, Sejla Kameric, Daniel Knorr, and Falke Pisano.

SAY IT LOUD is an exhibition that investigates how language is used in the construction of public identities and social interactions. Set against the backdrop of our contemporary communication strata which increasingly favors text-based connections over physical proximity, SAY IT LOUD asks artists and their audiences to consider both the hierarchies and possibilities woven into the relationship between words and actions. [Link]


26 January - 31 March 2012
Centro Cultural de España. Guatemala City

According to elementary economic theory, specialization allows for the efficient use of economic resources. As slightly more advanced theory handbooks point out however, it also increases the costs of conducting transactions. Should you decide to buy an artwork (e.g. at this exhibition), in addition to the price tag, you would have to consider the effort of finding accurate information, traveling to the gallery and negotiating with the dealer, as well as the costs of transporting, hanging and storing it. All these expenses beyond the works' nominal value are known as transaction costs and may be important when assessing a transaction. Most economic theories, however, surprisingly consider them negligible, and in order to simplify their analyses, assume they are zero. [Link]

  Uncommitted Crime

Limited edition t-shirt at Uniqlo
666 Fifth Avenue, New York

October 2011

To celebrate the opening of Uniqlo’s largest flagship store on Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street on October 14th, Uniqlo and MoMA launched a limited edition series of t-shirts designed by several New York emerging artists, such as Matthew Brannon, DETEXT, Franklin Evans, Liz Mogel and Emily Roysdon.

Produced under Uniqlo’s brand UT, the Japanese retailer’s acclaimed t-shirt line featuring collaborations with artists, designers and pop culture icons, these t-shirts can be purchased exclusively at MoMA’s store, at $19.90. All purchases support the exhibitions and programs at the Museum of Modern Art.

Artists included in the MoMA X UT, “Message Art Now!” line were selected by Klaus Biesenbach, Director of MoMA PS1 and Chief Curator at Large at MoMA.

Link to Uniqlo's MoMA x UT series website>>

  Detext Uniqlo

Galeria Horrach Moya
c/Catalunya 4, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

15 September - 15 November 2011
Opening: Thursday 15 September, 8 pm

Co-opting institutional structures and exploiting loopholes in regulation, the artists featured in the exhibition reveal the absurd economic logic governing everyday operations as well as the ethical and legal boundaries of today’s neo-liberal model. Aware of the difficulties of escaping it, the artists presented in this exhibition adopt them as their own natural habitat and political battleground. Such is the case of Liz Magic Laser’s Chase and Daniel Seiple & Kunst Re-publik’s Landreform Carousel, who turn symbols of affluence and commerce into unlikely theaters and circus attractions, or Katarina Sevic’s Social Motions, which uses codified forms of social interaction to re-establish the significance of a human presence in today’s dehumanized corporate structures. In what seems to edge on the grotesque, Santiago Sierra and Nedko Solakov repeatedly stage simple transactions to expose capitalism's underside.

Engaging different networks of bureacracy, artists like Martin John Callanan or Julien Previeux, use the semi-automated processes habitual in government and corporate bureaucracy to produce their works. While others, like Nemanja Cvijanovic or Detext subvert the expectations of cultural bureaucrats to reveal these systems' shortsighted logic and to question the role of institutional structures in the production and distribution of art. The free market’s alleged efficiency and uncontrollable appetite is echoed in Caleb Larsen’s non-descript, networked black cube, a sculpture that permanently tries (and often manages) to sell itself on EBay. [Link]




DETEXT. Uncommitted Crime (Device #1). 2007-2011
Molotov cocktail (A quart bottle filled with gasoline and a rag for a fuse), insurance policy and portable fire extinguisher (as directed by insurance company)